A Long-Term Partner


Boston-based investment firm

We are a long-term strategic and financial partner.

HighSage is a Boston-based investment firm funded by permanent capital. Depending on the asset class and circumstances, we access opportunities by sourcing and underwriting direct public and private investments, partnering with third-party managers and forming bespoke joint ventures with specialized operating partners.



HighSage provides flexible capital across a company’s lifecycle. We do not seek arbitrary liquidity events and are excited when opportunities arise to provide incremental capital to our partners.



HighSage is a thought partner for companies seeking to generate the most per share value over decades. We help our partners avoid sacrificing long-term value for the sake of short-term financial metrics.



HighSage has a broad network to which we actively expose our partners to drive their success. The HighSage team has more than 30 years of experience investing in and working with executives of the world’s largest public companies, along with private companies across industries and stages. HighSage’s investor network spans the venture capital, private equity and public equity communities.


"We are willing to wait for the fat pitch and are not shy about swinging hard when we get it."


HighSage is grounded in a disciplined and long-term mindset.

We seek to be world-class at everything we do, and take pride in the quality of our work and our ability to continue improving and learning. We value personal integrity, humility, intellectual honesty, self-awareness and teamwork.



Much of the value being created through our investing will be thoughtfully used for philanthropic endeavors.



We cultivate a culture of trust and mutual respect.


A long-term ownership mentality

We think and act like owners, never sacrificing long-term value for short-term results.


Intellectual honesty

We critique ideas, not people. We believe great ideas come from many different schools of thought. We are always open-minded.



We are patient and selective because we are under no pressure to deploy capital, generate liquidity events for limited partners or report an internal rate of return.


Active partnership

Due to the permanent and flexible nature of our capital base, we are able to engage particularly actively with our partners to maximize their long-term success.


Decisive and fast

While patient and disciplined, our lean team eschews bureaucracy and enables distinctively quick action when opportunity presents itself.


A commitment to one another’s growth as investors and as people

We insist on the highest standards in ourselves and each other. We are continually raising the bar and driving each other to deliver results underpinned by exceptional processes.

"Securities prices change a lot faster than the underlying fundamentals, and the key to being a good investor is to be able to combine good analysis with the opportunities provided by Mr. Market. They don’t ring a bell at market tops, nor is an all-clear whistle blown at bottoms."


Leadership Team

For more than 30 years, the HighSage team has been involved with both private and public companies emphasizing a concentrated portfolio and significant strategic involvement.

Jonathon S. Jacobson

Jonathon S. Jacobson

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Jennifer L. Stier

Jennifer L. Stier

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Owen M. Wurzbacher

Owen M. Wurzbacher

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Shawn M. Campbell

Shawn M. Campbell

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Joshua L. Stayn

Joshua L. Stayn

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